The Post-Implementation Effects of Aan Identity Management Platform on Risk and Regulatory Compliance


  • Yeşim Ülgen Sönmez Dept. of Software Engineering, Faculty of Technology, Fırat University
  • Wayne A. Szot Dept. of Computer Science, Sam Houston State University



Audit, Identity Management, RBAC (Role Based Identity Management) Risk, SOX


Why should a company focus on Identity Management? The risks of not doing so are great and many compa-nies do not realize the amount of benefit that can be achieved from doing do. This study attempts to quantity and measure how much benefit can be had by committing to a proper Identity Management platform and solu-tion to give confidence and arm the Information Security department with data to present when it comes time for funding decisions.


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Ülgen Sönmez, Y., & Szot , W. A. (2023). The Post-Implementation Effects of Aan Identity Management Platform on Risk and Regulatory Compliance. International Journal of Sustainability, 1(2), 289–301.