The Impact of the Use of Big Data in the Banking Sector on Innovation Processes and Competitiveness


  • recep uçucu Turkish Airlines



Digitalization, Banking, Digital Banking, Big Data, Innovation, Competition



Current technological developments, a new era of production known as Industry 4.0 and a comprehensive transformation affecting all sectors have begun. This period is called digital transformation. The general opinion is that digital transformation is accompanied by technology investments in all sectors and can be done with the gains made in this way. The fact that it is a key issue for the flow of money shows the key factor of the digital transformation of the banking sector. . For this reason, the digital transformation period in the Turkish bank sector has been discussed in our study, the use of digital banking has been examined in the light of investments and research in this area, and the current situation has been tried to be clarified.


Developments and innovations in information technologies affect not only the banking sector but all sectors. Therefore, we have seen significant gains in terms of transaction speeds and significantly reduced costs. Increased competition aims to maximize consumer satisfaction with banks digital banking services banking services in the fastest way by creating solutions that allow customers to get in diversity has begun to develop. When we look at the countries of the world in terms of internet and mobile banking usage, it is seen that branch banking has been replaced by internet and mobile banking. More than half of all bankers in China use mobile banking. As of September 2016, the number of customers actively using internet banking in Turkey has reached 18,672,000. The preference for Internet banking, especially for wire transfers and payments, has increased significantly every year. As of September 2016, the number of mobile banking service users is 16.





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